MATERNITEA Trimester Three Pack

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A blend for Moon, Noon and Night!

The ultimate in natural birth preparation for the third trimester. Designed to gently strengthen and tone your uterus, reduce fluid retention, boost immunity and speed up post birth recovery.


A blend designed to strengthen tone and prepare the uterus. Gently prepare your body for labour in the final trimester of your pregnancy with CapaciTea. The nettle, red raspberry leaf, spearmint and peppermint included in the blend prepare the uterus for labour and strengthen the walls for what is to come.

By improving the tone of your uterine lining, this refreshing tea also aids in preventing your pregnancy from ending too early or going too far past your due date.


A blend designed to energise and invigorate the immune system. Boosting your overall health and well being to be able to keep up with the demands of pregnancy and prepare you for the challenges of labour.


A blend to relax and restore the mind, body and soul. Ease muscular aches and pains, calm the nervous system and restores the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Relieve irritability, support your heart and deliver a dose of iron and calcium – vital minerals for the development of your baby.

The rose hips in this blend contain vitamin E, selenium, manganese, B complex vitamins, magnesium and potassium. These elements provide an effective boost to your immune system, helping protect you from colds and infections that can drag down your already tired body.


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